Monday, May 7, 2012

Colorful Cooking

One thing that many "trailing spouses" have is too much free time, especially those with teenagers (mine prefers that I stay as far away from his school as possible)! I went from being too busy in California to being not busy enough in Brussels. What helped me a tremendous amount was joining a great book club, taking a course about Belgium, traveling, visiting more museums than I thought possible, watching every episode of Dexter and The Big Bang Theory, and just recently, enrolling in cooking classes. It turns out cooking classes were fun, educational and... colorful! Where else could I prepare and eat healthy food, socialize, drink during the day, and re-learn the metric system? But with just a few days left in Brussels, I still have so many activities yet to do: catch-up on my summer reading, try yoga, become fluent in French, prepare for the Brussels Marathon, and visit the other 85 museums in town ;-)

Today's class was titled 5-Ingredient Meals

Slicing the palmiers

Sun-Dried Tomato & Chili Palmiers and Baked Chicken Goujons

Ingredients for our Turkey Larp Kha Gai

Delicious Cod with Chorizo and Beans

Japanese Duck and Rice Salad

Australian Cream Scones


  1. YUM!!! Try making those scones here :D

    1. Can you believe it's just flour, cream & 7up? We can make them when I get home!

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