Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Many Museums...

So many museums, so little time! There are over 100 museums in Brussels and, almost nine months in, I've barely made a dent. I should pat myself on the back because I've visited more museums (15 & counting) here than I have in the last 15 years anywhere else! So far, I've really enjoyed my neighborhood's Ixelles Museum, with its current La Belle Époque of Jules Chéret exhibit, and the MIM - Musical Instrument Museum (not to be confused with the MEM - Museum of Erotics & Mythology)! I'll pass on the Sewer Museum and even the Underpants Museum but I can't leave Brussels without visiting the Cocoa & Chocolate Museum or the Museum of the City of Brussels, where many of Manneken Pis' costumes are displayed. The more popular museums feature famous Belgian artists, Belgian history and Belgian beer but you can also find museums for medicinal plants, street lamps, trams, braille, and plastic. The longest titled museum would have to be the Big Royal Oath and Saint Georges of the Crossbowmen of Brussels Museum. There's also the Clockarium, the Experimentarium, the Parliamentarium, the Atomium, and the Aquarium. To impress my visitors, I could take them to the Museum of Fantastic Art and if we're walking down Rue de la Constitution and feeling spontaneous, we might pop into the Spontaneous Art Museum. Like I said... so many museums, so little time!

Ixelles Museum

MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) not to be confused with...

MEM (Museum of Erotics and Mythology)

Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History

Temporary exhibit at Saint-Géry Halls

Colorful wildlife at the Royal Museum for Central Africa

My favorite painting at my neighborhood museum


  1. The MEM and the Clockarium sound interesting,
    in theory. Love the bird!!

    1. Thanks! I was glad to visit the Royal Museum for Central Africa before they close for a 3-year renovation. I agree, those two museums sound interesting, in theory ;-)

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