Monday, February 27, 2012

Comic Strip Center

Belgium has over 700 comic strip authors and more comic strip artists per square kilometer than any other country in the world. Although I'm not a huge comic book fan (I stuck to "Betty & Veronica" as a child), I couldn't live in Brussels without visiting the Belgian Comic Strip Center. Maybe it would help me understand why so many adults, including my husband, take such an interest in two dimensional heroes like Tintin, Gaston Lagaffe, Lucky Luke and Spirou. If not, I'd still get to enjoy the colorful exhibitions and brasserie in one of Victor Horta's beautiful Art Nouveau buildings!

Gaston Lagaffe and Cat

The Citro├źn 2CV - a popular car in several comic strips

Depending on what country he's in, "Waldo" goes by many names: Charlie, Willy, Efi, Holger, Vallu...

Bottles of Nero beer at the center's brasserie

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