Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Foliage

This week started with the grayest and gloomiest weather I've experienced since moving to Brussels. I've come to expect the sky to be gray but not the space between the ground and the sky! Yesterday the clouds parted and the bright blue sky made an appearance (along with higher temps)! Whatever the weather has in store, I love the beautiful, picturesque colors of fall. Some trees in my neighborhood are still green while many are brown, seemingly to have skipped the color changing process altogether. Here and there, I've found enormous poplars and maples showing off their bright yellow leaves, green bushes with bits of red peeking out, golden leaves covering the ground, trees with several colors on a single branch and my favorite, beautiful red maple trees!


  1. Beautiful! I think red maples are my favorite too

  2. Aren't they gorgeous? You probably see even more shades of autumn in NC!

  3. Thank you, Jane! The leaves were beautiful to look at (and great to photograph) while they lasted :-)