Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home Sweet (temporary) Home

Home will always be Northern California but it didn't take me long to feel welcome in Brussels. Take, for example, the baker around the corner who doesn't seem to mind that I'm barely able to spit out the words to order a baguette (so much for my high school French). She smiles at me as I walk in saying, "Bonjour, je prendrai... " (pointing to what I want). She then gives me a mini French lesson as I direct her attention to the raisin snails, which I'm pretty sure are not called escargot de raisin sec. She says "couque Suisse", I repeat "couque Suisse", she smiles, I smile, I pay her and I walk out with my raisin snail (I mean couque Suisse). Yesterday I walked in and what did my eyes behold but a beautiful rainbow of colorful tarts. Before I knew it, I blurted out, "Bonjour, je prendrai toutes les tartes color√©es"! I'm starting to fit in pretty well here!  


  1. Gorgeous confections! Now that's a great way to learn a language (or enhance or re-learn) ..... now if someone would just dangle a croque monsieur in front of me I'm quite certain that my pronunciation could become impeccable ...

    Once again a really fun post .... I love your style!


  2. Living around the corner from these delicious treats will be my downfall! And Rachel, how is it that croque monsieurs taste so much better in Europe than any grilled ham & cheese sandwich in the US? ;-)

  3. Nice to see your blog, Janice! These photos are beautiful & it all looks so yummy!